Mind-body approaches to fertility which acknowledge the importance of working with fertility problems in a holistic way include a variety of massage techniques and hypnosis.

Fertility Egg Freezing


Hypnotherapy is well known for reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm and relaxation. 

It helps to restore physical, mental and emotional balance, and well-being it supports health changes that need to be implemented. 

Decreasing negative self talk, excessive worry and stress will help restore emotional and physical balance and ensure that these changes are maintained.

Hypnotherapy may be also the key to identifying and resolving issues which may be preventing conception (unconscious or conscious resistance).



Reflexology is commonly used for fertility,  it assists in re-balancing the mind/body connection, enabling the recipient to regain homeostasis 

polycystic ovaries, cervical problems, adhesion (more commonly known as scar tissue), pelvic inflammatory disease, premenstrual syndrome, hormonal imbalances, blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and menstrual problems, have all shown improvement from reflexology.

Tailored treatments, each session helps to ensure greater outcome.

Aside from releasing oxytocin and the endorphins responsible for intense relaxation, reflexology provides a space away from the speed of modern-day life and a chance to offload emotionally, physically, and mentally and this alone is sometimes all it takes for the body to let go and to become pregnant.

Fertility Massage and  Hypnotherapy


In combination with Acupressure massage and deeply relaxing techniques to bring about the best conditions in your body for fertility I use abdominal fertility massage applications.  These techniques move congested lymph fluid, oxygenate blood, increase immune function and maintain proper nerve flow in pelvic organs.
Dependent upon what fertility-related challenges you and your partner are experiencing  the massage is tailored to your needs. However, I tend to address five systems of flow: arterial, venous, nerve, lymphatic and energetic, in abdominal organs, to normalise functions according to nature’s original plan. Like other normal bodily functions, conception and pregnancy can be restored to the functions nature intended.
The non-invasive, external fertility massage techniques I use aim to restore homeostasis, or balance within, as well as hemodynamics, or unimpeded flow of blood and body fluids. This massage is offered to couples and monthly or by monthly sessions are recommend along with self-care that I will techniques that l teach you at the first session.