Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

I have a great deal of success with clients and simply love helping people step into a smoke-free life.  Better health, wealth and life.  Taking this step is so easily obtainable once you are ready to choose to become smoke-free.  


Here are a few facts. Almost three-quarters of smokers say they would like to quit. Over one third (39%) go on to make a quit attempt each year but sadly only a small proportion - about 5% - quit successfully alone.

Here is the great news. Smokers who stop smoking with specialist support are up to four times more likely to successfully stop compared to smokers who stop without any form of support. In addition to being able to offer specialist support, I also use hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy powerfully supports the cessation process.


Stop in Six Steps 

For Smoking Cessation that works. 

Cigarettes have a way of invading every aspect of life. 

In the morning, as soon as you wake with that ritual morning coffee.  During your working day, those essential fag breaks. 

After a stressful moment, smoking can take you away from the stressful event and give you that feeling of calm and control. A reward, for accomplishing or finishing something. A pardon or comfort, for when things haven't gone so well.

After dinner before bed.   


We create rituals around smoking that connect it with other actions and situations.


Many people smoke out of boredom or because they are too stressed. 


With my six steps programme, we address the habits, the rituals, the addiction, and desire.  We also address any underlying issues so that once you become smoke-free it's forever.  All you need to be is READY!   


1. Download my FREE six steps guide,

2. Follow and complete the first 5 steps.

3. Complete the Fagerstrom test and quiz.

4. Print it off or save it.  

5. Book online or call me on 07958578464 when you are READY to be a success story.

6. Become Smoke-free.