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Inducing labour with acupressure Massage.

When the time comes and you are really feeling that you want that baby out of you. all you really want to know is does it really work?

This is a question I always get asked and my answer is of course, yes, If your body and your baby are ready, it'll work. 

Though scientific studies are limited, the answer does seem to be a yes from them scientists too, it really does work. 

Acupressure has been shown effective for encouraging labour and reducing discomfort during labour. 

Acupressure has even been shown to reduce active labour time, yay! That's why I teach birthing partners pressure point massage on all my hypnobirthing courses. 

I have been massaging pregnant ladies for a really long time, I won't say how long, it'll give my age away. 

However, I do prefer to let babies choose their own birthdays. 

I love the thought that your little one chooses its own birthday when he or she is ready to come out and meet you. 

Recent research has pointed out that labour actually begins when the baby’s lungs mature enough and secrete a protein called surfactant.

Surfactant is essential for breathing outside the womb. The release of this protein signals a cascade of hormones in the mother telling the mother’s body to initiate labour.

As the baby prepares and its position lowers in the mother’s body it puts pressure on the cervix causing a release of the hormone, oxytocin.

Oxytocin the love chemical is a very important hormone in labour and birthing It thins and dilates the cervix, causes waves and surges, and moves the baby down and out of the birth canal. 

Many of the acupressure points I use, as a part of an induction massage, are thought to encourage baby to move down into the birth canal. 

Massage itself is deeply relaxing and often the relaxation itself is all you need to get birthing started. The combination of massage techniques babies readiness and positioning cause the production of oxytocin and things get going. 

Unlike a chemical induction with pitocin, which is synthetic oxytocin, acupressure is thought to encourage the body’s own natural processes. 

In my opinion it will only work if your baby is ready and I tend to avoid doing this type of massage technique until after the 40th week of pregnancy or until after your estimated due date has passed. 

So how does it work?

Sometimes due to baby’s position, mum's stress or other less-than-ideal circumstances there are things that block the natural flow of things. 

This is where acupressure may be super helpful in getting things moving again and helping mum progress smoothly through the stages of labour to birth. 

Obviously, no one stays pregnant forever, so eventually things will move forward no matter what. 

However, if you are overdue and just want to get that baby out! Or perhaps you are considering a medical induction, or if you even have a sense that something is blocking the natural progression of birthing you may want to book in for a hydrotherm acupressure massage.

Whatever the outcome of the massage you'll leave feeling calm, relaxed, tension free and ready for the birth of your baby. 

Feel free to call me on 07958 578464 if you have any questions. I'm always happy to chat you can book a pregnancy massage online via my website or simply text or call me.