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Overcoming Cravings,

When you first become a non smoker the desire to smoke may still be present. If you pay close attention though, you'll notice that most cravings last only around three to five minutes. They tend to weaken and decrease gradually until they're finally gone.  

One powerful tool you can use is simply to deal with cravings as they come, one by one. You can do this by interrupting your thought pattern at the moment the craving hits. 

Do something entirely different for a few minutes. By doing so, you can redirect your focus from the physical or psychological craving. 

There are two types of cravings people experience in the early days of being smoke free.  The first are the physical cravings. This is  your body's reaction to nicotine withdrawal. 

Withdrawal can be experienced as a tightness in the throat or belly and may be accompanied by feelings of tension or anxiety.

The second types are psychological cravings and tend to be triggered by the everyday events in your life. 

As a smoker, you will have developed a massive list of signs that signals that you need a cigarette. 

If you've looked at my six steps guide you'll be very aware of these signs, signals and triggers. 

It maybe that you light up a cigarette whenever you are faced with stress or enjoy smoking when driving, eating, or socializing. When you become a non smoker those subconscious cues can trigger urges that are just as profound as physical ones.

Here are some things you can do to help. 

Go for a walk. 

Get away, from the stressful thing, get some clean air and all the benefits of walking. Release some seretonin and dopamine naturally. 

Take a mental holiday 

Close your eyes, breathe, relax your body do a mindful body scan and let go of physical and psychological tension.  


Breath in for a count of 3 and out for a count of 3 feeling back in control?  Elongate the out breath and feel your craving disappear along with your long exhale. 

If you've chosen to use powerful hypnotherapy techniques to assist you. You'll have a toolbox of techniques that bring about deep calm, rid irritability, boost your energy and combat cravings. 

Whatever way you choose to become a non- smoker the momentary discomfort is overwhelming worth the rewards you'll reap living smoke-free. 

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