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Preparing your post-natal sanctuary plan.

A post-natal sanctuary plan is just as important as a birth plan in setting yourself up for success in the 4th trimester.

Most of the women I work with are massively encouraged to write a birthing plan. I hand them the NHS one as it is pretty good.

A good plan helps you to think about all the possibilities and its always good to have a plan B and C too.

I get you to think of everything from food, the environment, music and support and of course, I also teach you hypnobirthing and other helpful techniques.

However, many women don’t plan for the post-natal period the 4th trimester, the vital 3 months after birth.

Plenty of nappies and wet wipes and an ‘’I will just manage’’ attitude may not be the best. Spend some time and get your network of health care providers and therapists together now, so that they are there if and when you need them.

Many relationships suffer after having children, but if you make the health of your relationship a priority, your partnership can thrive. It’s always a good idea to get your partner involved so talk with them, get them to play a part in your post-natal plan. Spend some time chatting with your partner about how you can look after your relationship.

It’s not just about gathering your tribe of helpers. Get together takeaway menus, information on delivery services from supermarkets, and a list of restaurants that deliver, assembling all the information that you think you may need.

Start thinking about how you can you start to build the sanctuary you want to heal in?

The post-natal period is one of great change on every level physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual.

A good plan will help you to build a foundation so that you can attend to the five universal post-natal needs:

Rest, Nourishing food, Loving touch, Companionship, and Contact with nature.

I want to see women stop just managing and instead, keep living to the full. A plan that includes multiple ways to get help and support from wherever you need it. The key Lies in how you RECOVER!

Rest -you need to recover from growing and birthing this baby. Daytime naps, sleeping when your baby sleeps, early nights, taking it in turns, or other sleep deprivation strategies that work for you. Think about hiring a Doula or ask a relative to babysit for you and give yourself sometime to sleep. After 2 weeks baby should be settled enough for you to leave for a short while with a trusted adult.

Eat -nutritious food- fill your freezer, ask friends and family to cook and deliver food, take away menus…

Chores -can you get another adult to help? A cleaner, family members, friends, a postnatal doula, mother’s help?

Optional -refers to the fact that the plan will only work if it is tailored to your needs, if they are your options. Some new mums prefer to stay at home, some prefer to go out and see people. For example, you may join a baby massage class or take yourself to a massage therapist for a session or meet with other mums for a coffee.

Visitors- This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on yourself and the visitors. Visitors who come and expect to be waited upon, and insist on holding your baby, can leave you feeling exhausted with a grumpy baby. Discuss this with friends and family ahead of time? If you don’t want visitors but don’t want to confront them, note on the door with “new mother and baby asleep” might do it.

Emotional- take it easy, this is a big change and the first few weeks are usually very chaotic. New parents need solid emotional support, think about maintaining your sanctuary. Most of you may find yourself bombarded with well meaning “advice” which can undermine your confidence. Find someone to talk to who can listen unconditionally.

Receive - this isn’t a time for you to give to other people, you are supposed to receive support. Demand nurturing presents for yourself, like a postnatal massage. It is much more useful to have nurtured parents who feel strong enough to look after their baby than lots of flowers, Babygro’s and cuddly toys. Tell people what you’d like and how you’d like them to help you.

Of course, I believe that Hypnosis is a great method for making powerful and positive changes to the way that you think and feel.

All my hypnotherapy sessions are tailored and in combination with Massage or Postnatal Reflexology following the birth of your baby are perfect for balancing, harmonising and enhancing your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Even if you had a straightforward, uneventful birthing experience, your entire system will appreciate being balanced back to a non-pregnant state, and of course after all the hard work you deserve a post-natal massage or reflexology session, allow me to help you feel nurtured, so you can be the super woman radiating wellness that you can be.

Take things slowly. After a methodical preparation for birth women are often left alone to work out the monumental transition to becoming a mother. These 40 days that follow birth are wonderful, challenging and changing. Take care of your body and mind. Don’t become isolated and put help in place by getting your post-natal sanctuary plan in place.

If you’d like to speak with me further or want advice or assistance, please do and add me to that plan you can call me on 07958578464 or book a free consultation at or join one of my many classes or courses that could help support you more.