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Simplify your life.

Over the past year I've had the great pleasure of helping multiples of people to learn to relax and destress.  

I am a massage therapist, clinical hypnotherapist and I teach meditation a great way to take a step back from your busy mind.  I've taught meditation techniques from managing your emotions, gaining a mindful practice to being kind to your mind and how to find those moments of peace. 

I love meditation and along with powerful hypnotherapy techniques I've shown clients how to relax and feel calmer, relax and sleep better and relax and respond to stressful situations with composed clarity. 

However, having had a forced day of bed rest due to a terrible cold that's going about I've been looking at new ways of making life less complicated, more simple, with more focus on spending time doing the things I love. 

It all started in the early hours of the morning when my throat was on fire. my nose so blocked I couldn't sleep.  

I decided to watch a movie and forget about sleeping and just chill, but what to watch.  I stumbled across a documentary about minimalism, its made me consider my life  how I can declutter and feel the benefits in multiple ways. 

It would seem that anyone who has embraced minimalism, in any sense of the word, knows the benefits go far beyond what you could explain in a single blog post but I'll give it a shot.

Of course there are the obvious upsides of having less clutter—like fewer opportunities for your clothes to fall out of the wardrobe, the next time you open the door to find that red jumper you love. 

But the real benefits of minimalism stretch much deeper—and wider—than that. Here are 10 major benefits adapting to a minimalist way of life or attitude or thinking could help you.  1. Clarity of mind. We don’t think of our stuff as being linked to mental and emotional health, but the connection between the two is clear.  Studies have shown when we clear out our wardrobes, it has a massive impact on our mental clarity and peace of mind.  When was the last time you took the time to go through your storage shed or extra bedroom or the scary draw... We've all got one. 

I bet there were things in there you had totally forgotten that you had. 

It may have been a while, but how did you feel when you finally did it? My guess is it felt like a relief. Even though you probably spent very little energy on a day-to-day basis thinking about those things, something about a good clear out calmed your mind. That good feeling is boosted when you take a load of clothes to be recycled or drop them off at your local charity shop. 

All this feel good stuff is backed by research.  If you don’t need it, love it or use it, get rid of it. 2. Better health. Getting rid of your clutter is really good for your health. 

Too many of us are overcommitted in our lives, we are simply too busy.   What would life look like if you cut back? 

What could you do if you rested more? 

Minimalism isn't just about clearing out your home its about clearing out your calender too. 

More time for you, your family and friends  your body will thank you. 3. More freedom. If you really spent some time thinking about it, I bet you would be shocked to think of how much stuff you owned, wished you owned or pushed yourself extra hard to own.  

I read this...  “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

Don't know who said it but I can relate.  4. Less stress. Imagine a simple life where you come home to a clear and calm space, you spend your time on a Saturday morning doing the things you really want to do. Your job is your passion and your hobby and doing it makes you feel alive.  Ahhhh. Yes. You can feel it already. So much less stress. 5. More time. In a world where opportunities are coming at us faster than the speed of light, it can be hard to say “no” for lots of reasons. I read that you should try this for one week: clear your calendar at night. Work during the day but don’t make any commitments in the evenings. Or clear your calender for 1 full day each week. Then, with that extra time, prepare dinners with the people you love, go for walks, read books, turn off your phones, meditate. 

6. Self-confidence. You may think you need to have the latest and greatest style of clothes, or this year’s model of a luxury vehicle to feel good about yourself. 

Imagine how freeing it would be to feel good about yourself without those things. This is an unexpected benefit of living with less. You start to feel good about yourself, not because of what you own but just because of who you are. 7. Greater purpose. When you clear out the unnecessary activities and items from your life, something unexpected happens. Your sense of purpose returns. Motivation is raised and because your direction is clear and there is no confusion. When you only have a few commitments, you can put lots of energy into them.  8. Extra money. And, guess what.... buying less and doing less means having a little extra cash too. 

Fewer parties to attend, junk food or meals out because you’re “too tired to cook,” fewer impulse purchases.  9. Better relationships. Great relationships are built on shared experiences and great memories. Think that says it all.  10. Lifetime memories. When you begin to move the focus from owning stuff to making wonderful memories, you might not only have more space in your wardrobe, you’ll have enough great memories to keep you smiling for a lifetime. This is the stuff a great life is made of.

So, guess what I'm doing this weekend. 

If you want a simpler life, to feel more relaxed, more positive, making the right choices for health feel free to get in touch on 07958578464.  Change your mind, heal your body.