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Find Your Inner Sanctuary.


Relax and rejuvenate in a safe space … Recharge at core …

Come discover your Sanctuary, a place to rest recharge and cultivate your own personal power and intuition.

In this 2-hour fascinating meditation session, first experience deep relaxation of body and mind, reconnect with a sense of real peace.

Then the Sanctuary Meditation Technique is designed to assist you in creating a personal retreat, a sanctuary within yourself.

Using guided imagery and sanctuary meditation techniques, you will learn to access your safe, relaxing, inner sanctuary whenever you need to.

Once you have acquired the skills, and have cultivated your own inner space of peace, your sanctuary. You will find that you will be able to return there, to find your peace, any time you desire.

Within your sanctuary you’ll be able to reflect on your life. Your Sanctuary provides a retreat from life’s challenges and is a space to work through difficult decisions.

This is an important and useful mindful tool to master as it allows you to steer your own ship and become a master of your own destiny.

This 2 hour session is £10 booking online is recommended as spaces are limited.


The Town Hall Chambers, High street East,

Wallsend, NE28 7AT

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