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Stretch and Restore Yoga.

Stretch and Restore Yoga at Joy Therapy Centre.

This nourishing practice helps to restore equilibrium to the mind and body. Flowing sequences help to increase energy and flexibility.

Using fluid movement to open the joints, helps to release long held tension. Creating a strong supple and balanced body.

Breathing practises help to calm a busy mind, allowing the nervous system to relax, and the brain to unwind.

All levels are welcome to this class and group sizes are small, so I am able to give a lot of instruction.

I have been a fitness instructor and aerobics teacher for over 30 years. Instructing in gyms and teaching a variety of fitness classes including circuits, step, body conditioning cardio, kick boxing and aerobic dance.

I started practising yoga about ten years ago, as years of teaching high impact classes had taken its toll on most of my joints!

I soon began to reap the benefits of regular practise and began to include yoga based stretches and relaxation into my classes as I was passionate to share the wonder of yoga with my regular class goers.

Last September I decided to train with the yoga alliance to become a qualified teacher.

In my classes I hope to share this wonderful nourishing practise with you and hope you grow to love yoga as I do.

Namaste Sarah x