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What meditation is not.

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What Meditation is not,10 myths about meditation and what meditation is actually all about.

There are many ideas about what meditation is and with that there are many myths about what meditation is here I attempt to name those myths and perhaps answer some questions about the benefits of meditation.

Myth number one, Meditation is purely a relaxation technique

I often hear, “but there are other things I do that relax me; I don’t need to meditate.” It’s certainly true that relaxation is a side effect of regular meditation practice, but it’s also so much more. Meditation allows us to consciously choose to live by being perfectly present and fully experiencing life right now, freeing yourself of the limiting negative internal mental chatter that can sometimes feel relentless. We can do this through reconnecting with stillness, finding a silent space inside of us, rather than seeking temporary periods of true happiness through external measures.

Myth number two, Meditation is a religious practice.

You don’t need to shave your head, join a monastery, wear robes or give away all your money. By starting a meditation practice you are making a commitment to take better care of yourself by reconnecting with the peace and contentment that resides inside but that perhaps you’ve become disconnect from as a result of living a fast-paced busy life.

Myth number three, Meditation removes emotions.

Meditation does not remove emotions; rather, it makes you more attuned to emotional changes. I used to feel anxious a lot of the time, listening and believing the commentator in my head. That internal voice never told me I looked good and I was amazing it was more likely to cause me loss of energy and stress. Lots of the emotions I had were very fear-based and surrounded the future. Meditation has increased my clarity, allowing me to think more logically rather than emotionally. Living in the present moment helped me to take a step back from my unhealthy emotional states, but I still feel things very deeply.

Myth number four, Meditation is too hard

This myth is understandable and for many people it is s a completely alien concept to just sit and be. No distractions, no entertainment, no planning the future. With guidance, Meditation is not hard at all and once you’ve learned a few skills and gained some tools for your Skillful mind tool box, meditation gets easier. I found it helped to let someone guide me when I started practicing.

Myth number five, Meditation takes years to work.

It is called meditation practice for a reason. And yes, it does take time to get into the habit of directing your attention inward. However, with guidance and motivation changes will be gentle and consistent. The longer you put off starting your practice, the longer you will remain in disharmony. In my Skilful mind classes I combine meditation practises with modern psychology and clinical hypnotherapy to help guide you to finding that inward gaze quicker.

Myth number six, Meditation takes too much time.

Spare time is a luxury that many of us do not have, but everyone can create a few minutes in their day. I tend to get up early and have what I call my spiritual breakfast before I start my day, it sets me up to deal with life’s challenges. What I have found is that people who say they don’t have the time to meditate are usually the ones that need it most. Doing just 10 minutes a day for three weeks. It’s enough to see a difference.

Myth number seven, to meditate you need to stop having thoughts.

I have been meditating for quite a while now, and my mentors even longer, and I honestly don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have any thoughts. We are human beings with human nervous systems and will probably remain having thoughts for the rest of our lives. Meditation simply offers you the freedom to choose which thoughts you engage with.

Myth number eight, Meditation is an escape from reality.

Before I started meditating daily my reality was not such a positive one. Meditation helps me to live without resentments and negative thoughts. It has helped quieten he negative internal voice and it enables me to manage my emotions better which helps me to be more productive each day. I feel I can actually engage better with real life and in a more positive, constructive and healthier way.

Myth number nine, Meditation doesn’t work for everyone.

There are many types of meditation. There is really something for everyone. I teach a combination of different types of meditation all with the aim of helping you to connect with yourself, give you some space to think and breathe, and guide you to become mindful and as a result more peaceful and content.

Myth number 10, Meditation is the answer to all.

Of Couse meditation isn’t the answer to all life’s challenges. We are all subject to lots of challenges and changes and we will all have times where our circumstances become more difficult. Unfortunately, meditation does not guarantee you a problem-free existence, but it does give you the tools and the skills you need to navigate your way through life with calmness, clarity, we are all works in progress and knowing that, this too shall pass.

Each week at 7-45 on Wednesdays after yoga there is a meditation drop in. All are welcome it's an hour class and you can come along whenever you choose and just drop in and meditate. Each week we will look at a different topic and skill to use to help us in life. My meditation classes are a combination of modern psychology, NLP, EFT, and hypnosis, I draw upon a multitude of modalities and types and styles of meditation.

Classes run in 6-week blocks and cost £5 per session. I also run meditation workshops that address specific challenges for example, relaxation, quietening the negative internal voice, dissolving negative feelings and Sanctuary meditation. Look out for events on Facebook and on my website. you can book online too at


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