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Pain Clinic Starting in January 2018

“EFT is a new technique for pain management and relaxation, it modifies the response to anxiety, promotes body awareness and permits positive cognitive changes.”

It frees us from the bonds of our physical and emotional pain

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is based on the principles of ancient Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, however it is without needles. It is a modality of Energetic Psychology and it uses simple procedures of tapping specific areas of the body, this tapping removes unwanted emotions, stress, anxiety, fear and pain.

Sometimes life throws us into challenging situations, we live though traumatic experiences, we suffer contempt, abuse or fear. EFT is a simple technique that rapidly eliminates negative emotions, and feelings that cause upset or difficulties in our lives.

With EFT, we go directly to the cause of the negative behaviour without having to relive it and we eliminate the conditioned response we learned, from whatever the traumatic and distressing experience was.

For example, if we have had an accident in a red car, each time we see a red car our system prepares us for an accident. Our bodies become flooded with adrenalin and other substances to confront the danger. We may feel anxiety, fear or distress a panic attack. EFT breaks that link.

Our emotions also play a huge role in physical pain in our bodies. If you would like some help and to learn some simple techniques to release both emotional and actual physical pain. You can learn how to use EFT Tapping by attending our pain management workshop.

This workshop will be help monthly on a Saturday at 4 pm for 2 hours. You will leave pain free and with new tools to help you get on with your life. The first pain clinic will be held on the 13th of January. Call 07958578464 to book your place on this amazing workshop.

Much scientific research shows the effectiveness of Energy Psychology modalities, and EFT is the most widely used. In recent years, more and more health professionals such as psychologists, nurses and doctors are incorporating these techniques in their practices and obtaining results that are often surprising.

It works where nothing has worked before

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