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I am Amanda Joy a Hypnoslimmer consultant, I am dedicated to helping you, at a cost that really is worth every penny, Invest in yourself today and put an end to obsessions with food and dieting. You really are worth it!

All my Hypnoslimmer programs include:

● Free initial consultation

●Re-enforcement and confidence CD to listen to at home

●Hypnotic Mind-Gym CD

●Information pack

The Hypnoslimmer one to one 4 week program is £250.

This is the most popular option. It has the benefit of adapting the program to your individual needs.

Hypnoslimmer House Party. Host gets it FREE £125 per person.

This option is great if you can get a small group of friends together. I will come to your house on a weekly basis for 4 weeks and work with everyone in the group. It’s a fun and informative way to lose weight and get encouragement from the other members of the group.

Hypnoslimmer Large Group £150 per person

These are normally advertised as events on the main Hypnoslimmer website. The next group event begins on Thursday January the 4th at 7 pm. Come along for free and find out more and book your place.

Virtual Gastric Band £100 per person

This is an optional bolt-on to the main 4 week Hypnoslimmer program. This session is quite different to the Hypnoslimmer program and takes you on a hypnotic journey through a Gastric Band operation.

Amazing Mind Gym WAS £20 currently FREE with any Hypnoslimmer program

Allot of people find themselves putting on weight due to lack of exercise and motivation. This amazing CD was created by Kathryn Laing to promote motivation and fitness without even having to move. It’s almost like cheating.

This was me before I discovered the hypnoslimmer just a year ago I was a size 26 and tired all the time.  I am now a size 18 and just last week I got into a size 16.  I am a work in progress but my progress has all happened so easlily, with no restrictions, no diets and no effort.  I have simply changed the relationship I have with food, I have changed my mind.  All I can say is it works!

Feel free to call me on 07958578464 I am always happy to answer questions. 


The Town Hall Chambers, High street East,

Wallsend, NE28 7AT

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