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Bringing your inner child home, workshop in March.

Are you ready for a new beginning?  

In this wonderful and enlightening therapeutic technique is based on the work of John Bradshaw, I lead participants on a journey of self-discovery of their child within.

Through a series of meditations, exercises and hypnosis, I guide you to access, often forgotten, childhood memories and heal painful wounds left by unmet developmental needs.

Participants explore their childhood relationships with their parenting sources and siblings and identify obstructions that are in their current lives that may have resulted from those relationships.

This is one of the most powerful therapeutic process you will ever participate in.

As a child you may have had to learn to self-sooth too soon or may have experienced trauma, abuse, abandonment and neglect.  Parents do the very best they can do with the resources they have, however as children we aren’t always able to understand this, or express ourselves as we don’t have the cognitive abilities or the tools to do so. 

Inner-child work aims to help us re-own or reconnect with that natural child within us. It enables us to heal wounds that may have resulted during childhood.

Once we have healed, we then are able to learn the things we needed to learn at each of our developmental dependency stages, this helps us to grow and develop as an adult now.

The things we learn create the self-esteem and the safe boundaries that we need in order to be open, tolerant, non-judgmental, loving and spontaneous rather than forever on guard, disconnected or isolated.  

This technique is particularly good for helping deal with addictions, abuse, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. It can be used as a part of a programme to enable long and strong sobriety and serenity. 

When people are actively addicted to things (shopping, porn, social media, food, negative relationships, work or substances), they use their addiction to feel their childlike aliveness, energy or creativity.

Without the addiction, they feel disconnected, emotional pain and lifeless.

Addictions are abortive ways we choose in order to be restored to the natural childlike traits of our beginnings.

Ultimately, addictions result in irresponsible childish or negative behaviours. Healing the wounded inner child is necessary for us to move forward as successful healthy happy, balanced, adults. 

As a result of completing this course of therapy you’ll form a new relationship with your inner child and what emerges is a healthy relationship with yourself as a functional adult and an inner child free from toxic shame.

Therapy is conducted in small intimate groups or as one to one hypnotherapy sessions in a confidential, nurturing and supportive environment. 

You can book a free consultation via my online bookings page or call Amanda Joy on 07958578464.  


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