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Stop smoking with hypnosis.

Why stop smoking with hypnosis?

A great number of people find hypnotherapy for stopping smoking a very effective treatment. The method works to break the negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking.

The thoughts and behaviours the smoker holds is often what prevents them from successfully giving up.

When a person makes the decision to stop smoking, the key aspect is to let go of the routine and change their perspective of cigarettes. Breaking an addiction like this is a challenge.

Many people find changing how they think about something difficult. As hypnotherapy focuses on this change, it is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of treatment.

When thinking about becoming a non-smoker using hypnosis, the first thing you have to do is make sure you are choosing to quit for yourself. Hypnosis for smoking has been found to be most effective when you, really want to quit.

So what should you expect to happen?

Hypnotherapy works by putting you into a very deeply, relaxed state. During this time your mind will be more open to suggestion. At this point, I look to change thought patterns, perceptions and behaviours. I will make suggestions such as, “you no longer want a cigarette” or “the smell of cigarette smoke makes you feel nauseous”. I may ask you to imagine unpleasant smells and feelings associated with smoking. However, the sessions are tailored to suit your needs and as everyone is so very different and smoking has its claws in us in so many different ways, sessions are unique and designed to help you.  I may also teach you various stop smoking hypnosis techniques, you can use these at home and I may give you a soundtrack to listen to that will reinforce the session.

It is important to remember that hypnotherapy for smoking is not a quick fix. While for some people, just one session is enough to quit smoking (or continue the journey alone), others may benefit from follow-up sessions. The ultimate aim of stop smoking hypnosis is to empower people to take control of their addiction. Hypnotherapy for smoking promotes healthier behaviours. It helps individuals to develop new patterns of thinking.

How will you quit this Stoptober?

Have you got 2 hours to spare to transform your health and the health of others around you?  Usually smoking cessation just takes 1 session but with my personally tailored smoking cessation therapy you can have follow up sessions should you require them. Everything is included in the smoking cessation package. The initial consultation is free and with no obligation so why not give me a call and book in for a chat about your smoking, take that first step and call.

Launched in 2012, Stoptober is the 28-day stop smoking challenge from Public Health England that encourages and supports smokers across England towards quitting for good. Stoptober is based on the insight that if you can stop smoking for 28-days, you are five times more likely to be able to stay quit for good. 

Why Quit Smoking?

Most of us know the reasons! But to remind you and just jog your memories here are just a few reasons to quit.

Saving money

The price of cigarettes is a heavy price to pay and is a burden on your overall finances. The average 20 a day smoker is burning around £3000 per year on an income of £25,000 that is like an additional tax of well over 10% just going up in smoke!

£3000 per year every year! That is a very nice holiday every year, or £9000 every three years towards a car. What would you do with an extra £3000 each year!

Your Family

Second hand smoke does harm those around you fact! Our families mean everything to us especially our children, motivation itself to stop.

Your own life, your Health and Fitness

Every cigarette you smoke will cause you real harm, short term you may not feel the immediate effect which is convenient, but we all know that at some time in the future chances are you are going to pay the price.

Take a first step, this one is not that hard: Call 07958578464 and book a free consultation for smoking cessation hypnotherapy. 

Register today for Stoptober, nothing to lose and everything to gain!