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Know pain.

We all live with a certain amount of pain, but people feel pain in different ways, based on their own personal experiences and associations with pain in the past.

A person who suffers chronic back pain after falling on a climbing holiday is likely to report a different intensity of pain than a person who suffered a similar back injury after jumping from a second floor window to escape a fire that destroyed his home.

The emotional image associated with pain plays a big role in our perception of the experience of pain.

The powerful mind

When we go into shock, moments after a traumatic injury, one of shock's symptoms is that we don’t feel any pain. Unfortunately, as an unregulated response to pain, shock can also lead to death through heart failure, respiratory failure, or low blood pressure, not the best way to reduce our pain but an amazing example of how the power of our mind can switch pain off.

Super power

There are some people in our world who can produce a physiological state very similar to shock, they use this technique to do amazing things and overcome pain completely. Many of us have seen people on television who are able to dramatically slow their heartbeat and respiration to the point that they can survive with very little oxygen for extended periods of time. We have seen people cutting or piercing themselves showing their own personal control of the pain response.

Fortunately for the rest of us, there are far less dramatic techniques that can be used to demonstrate our successful control of pain.

Your powerful mind

One of the simplest, yet most effective techniques for controlling pain is to see the pain in your minds eye as an object that you can manipulate by changing its size, shape, colour, form, distance, and any other characteristics that comes to mind.

This technique is called sub-modalities. This is a technical term that simply describes changing our perception of pain using methods that correspond with how we experience our world.

Under hypnosis there are multiple ways of increasing your pain tolerance and reducing pain using powerful visualisations. You can turn down the pain level and turn up your tolerance.

This is only done once you have been seen by a medical doctor and had the pain you are experiencing diagnosed. I would never remove someone’s pain unless they had been seen by a medical professional. Pain is a warning signal and is to be felt for a reason.

However, long term pain is tough to live with and there really is no need to continue life feeling pain in your body be it physical pain or emotional pain.

It is also possible under hypnosis to numb various parts of the body, using a very simple but effective technique called "glove anaesthesia."

In this technique, I first show you how to completely numb a hand (which is currently pain free), and then how to pass that numbing sensation to other parts of your body by touching them with the numb hand, eliminating the sensation of pain.

Its a truly powrful technique. However, personally being adverse to the cold, I wasn’t a fan of this for my own pain management, but for people with irritated, hot injuries this is a wonderfully relaxing, cooling, pain relief method.

Sometimes we need to learn how to accept and embrace pain as a friend who you can talk to and listen to, in order to learn more about what is going on in your body. Pain is a voice your body uses to perhaps bring your attention to lifestyle choices that need to be changed.

Under hypnosis pain is managed through various visualization techniques that first diminish the intensity of the pain and then eliminates it completely.

It is no secret that pain demands our attention. Uncontrolled pain is a master at redirecting our attention away from the pleasures in life. It is precisely this facet of pain that gives you a powerful handle on it. Once you have learned the skills, developed a skilful mind, you learn to redirect your own attention away from pain. Pain simply loses its power over you.

Erickson taught his patients how to develop amnesia for pain sensations as an alternative to anaesthesia, in the same way that someone can watch a suspense movie and forget about toothache or headache.

I teach my clients self-hypnosis and give them the tools they need to remove their own pain.

Do you have pain? Why not make an apointment a free consultation with me Amanda Joy and we can make a plan together, to reduce pain you experience and get you back to full health and wellbeing.