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Did you sleep well?

Insomnia or a poor night’s sleep is often caused by an underlying anxiety which can be about anything, relationships, financial worries, self-esteem issues or multiple other things. Everyone is different.

However, by using hypnotherapy for Insomnia I can work out what is going on and resolve the issues at a subconscious level, leading you back to a natural sleep pattern.

Do you tend to lie awake for more than an hour before you get to sleep?

Can you stay asleep until morning once you do finally fall asleep? If so, you have what is often called initial insomnia. This is one of the most common types of insomnia.

Hypnotherapy will help you to develop good sleep habits and reduce night-time stress and worry. It will also help you to create a healthy bedtime routine that will help you to relax when you go to bed.

Do you manage to fall asleep fairly quickly but then wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back to sleep?

If so, you have what is called middle insomnia. This is certainly one of the most frustrating types of insomnia. But you can go back to sleep.

Hypnotherapy will focus on giving you the tools to calm your mind and allow you to relax back into sleep. It will also resolve any underlying anxiety issues that may be hindering a natural sleep pattern.

Do you wake up too early in the morning, before you have had your full amount of sleep?

In that case, you have what’s called terminal insomnia (that sounds a lot worse than it is. No, you won’t die from waking up too early, so relax!), also called late insomnia.

Like middle insomnia, the hypnotherapy will focus on giving you the tools to calm your mind and allow you to relax back into sleep.

Do you just have insomnia occasionally?

Does it last a few days and then go away? If so, join the club! This is the most common of all types of insomnia, as just about everyone has it. It is usually nothing to worry about, unless your insomnia is directly related to a certain event or activity you must perform, such as test-taking. In this case, it may prevent you from realising an important life goal, such as passing a professional exam or even graduating from college. By using hypnotherapy we will suggest to your subconscious mind that allowing you to relax and sleep soundly is much better for you.

Have you had insomnia for several days now?

Possibly even months? Does it sometimes get better, only to relapse a few weeks later? Do you have sleepless nights more than once a week? If so, you’re in the right place. Hypnotherapy is very effective at treating chronic insomnia.

People with insomnia often have a multitude of problems associated with their sleep disorder. Problems associated with insomnia are:-

  • Anxiety

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Health problems

  • Depression

Insomnia often co-exists with other disorders and can be the main factor in the other disorder. For example, someone with depression might have significant sleep disruption. This sleep disruption will cause fatigue which makes it far harder for the person to deal with and resolve their feelings of depression. So achieving a more natural sleep pattern can significantly help with the depression. This is true with many anxiety disorders.

There is a solution

Step 1 call 07958578464 and make an appointment for a free consultation where I will discover why you’re not sleeping.

Step 2 using hypnotherapy I will introduce a natural sleep cycle and remove any disruptive thinking or behaviour.

Step 3 you will then be able to establish a new and healthy sleeping pattern