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Past Life Regression

It is becoming more and more accepted, that most of us have experienced more than one life on earth.

Respected T.V. programmes have made studies and recorded cases of people whilst under hypnosis remembering previous lives. In some cases people can recall names, places and events which they would never have known through their normal life experiences. 

I myself, have now had two very interesting regression experiences.  My first was many years ago under hypnosis and the guidance of Dave Goodfellow. An amazing hypnotherapist and my inspiration to become a clinical hypnotherapist. 

(See Dave’s website and read some of his amazing case studies )

During this regression I discovered that I had been a Cistercian Monk in Yorkshire.  Sadly I wasn’t such a good man in that life but having had this, for me, a metaphoric experience, helped me to put certain current life challenges into perspective. 

My second experience was just last weekend where I went back to the city of Manchester in 1742. I was a young boy of around eight or nine years old and saw the building of a Wesleyan Methodist church.   During my regression I saw the church building under construction and just out of curiosity my brother checked it out on google and discovered that it was around 1742 that the Wesleyan movement started in Manchester.(

Metaphor and data retrieved from the subconscious mind or genuine regression? I personally like to keep an open mind.    

However I can tell you that the experience was peaceful, very relaxing and reminded me of the importance of family, friendships and being humble. 

Past lives can be fascinating. Some are short and uneventful. Others are long, the person recalling various places, events and information that can be verified. Sometimes someone can experience a past life where we have no way of checking because the person lived in a foreign country or they lived in an age before any sort of formal records were kept

What is regression? 

The word regression usually means to go back to or to return to something. Yet, it is something more. It is the ability of the unconscious mind to retrieve historical memories from childhood or previous lives, usually through hypnotic regression.

How will it help me?

Past Life Regression is a therapy that has helped and healed people spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and even financially. Your reflection upon the past can bring meaning, understanding, and insight to the present. It can often even lend a fresh perspective to a situation and reveal implications for working with related issues in the future. For example, an event or behaviour remembered from the past could well be a pattern that gets repeated over and over.  An awareness of this could empower positive change.  

Personally my reason to have a regression was purely just curiosity and I did find it to be fascinating.

Where do past life memories come from?

It could be said that Past-life memories come from long-term memory banks that are stored within the subconscious and or the universal consciousness.

Through regression sessions, you can gain access to your memories.

How long does it take to access a past life?

You may or may not gain access to your past memories in the first session. While some people can access these within minutes or during their first session itself, there are some who take up to a few sessions. Sometimes the mind takes a bit longer than you like to reveal its secrets. 

How many sessions will I need?

It’s different from individual to individual. Some people find the answers to what they need right in the first session, while others need a few sessions to go through different lives to find their answers. In case your regression sessions are to take you back to your current life time, these may also take one to four sessions as sometimes the subconscious is not willing to let go of the control over the metaphoric "key" to your hidden matters.

Will I remember what I see, hear and experience while accessing my past life?

Yes, everyone remembers most details of what they see, hear and experience, even when they are back in their state of full awareness in the present life. For me I seemed to also remember more after the session, it felt like the session had connected me to lost memories.  Your memories could be as clear and as a vivid as a dream. Or they may be faint impressions.  During the regression I always take notes of all the critical points and I am happy to record the sessions for you so that you can listen again later.

Can I stop my journey into a past life at any time if I want to?

Yes, certainly. At any time you require I can help you to return to your regular state of awareness in your present life and at any point during the session. Remember that you are always in control and conscious, so if you do not want to explore something or go down a certain path or life, you can just say so and I will guide you back. Do bear in mind though that some memories might make you uncomfortable, sad or angry, but experiencing them could be helpful for you in your present life.

Can I do Past Life Regression in a group session?

Although it is possible for me to do group regressions, the actual value and benefits are far more pronounced during individual sessions. In group sessions, it is more challenging to guide you individually. Nor can you talk about what you are experiencing or seeing. You have to do all this silently and internally and I can only give more generic guidance to all those participating.

Small groups are better than large groups and I will be running past life workshops in the future.

Over the next few months I am hoping to build a collection of case studies of past lives.  So if you are interested in having a past life regression session in June or July please get in touch on 07958578464 or email me at and book in for a session.

Past Life Regression is just £45 per session.