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Skillful Mind

Skilful Mind

In July I will be starting my ‘Skillful Mind’ course.

It will run weekly on Tuesdays from 8 pm till 9 pm, in Harrogate, on Skipton Road.

The aims of the Skillful Mind course is to offer a space and support where you can cultivate inner peace and re-connection with self.

I believe that the more connected and peaceful people are the more motivated, passionate, resilient and caring they are. This in turn helps them to be of benefit to their loved ones, communities, work and society.

Modern life is busy, everyone is busy building a future for themselves, their families and working hard to ensure financial security, often ignoring aches, pains, stress, or eating well.

No one can argue with the many benefits technology offers, however, over use can lead to a fogged mind, a sedentary lifestyle, increases in stress and can lead to depression.

Attending a class ensures you have at least 1 hour each week where you totally switch off from all of life’s stressors. During these classes you can learn and take away with you many useful techniques to help you to become the person you have always wanted to be.

Some of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation are:

Physical benefits

Master stress, have a better quality of sleep, lose weight, slow the aging process, calm neurotransmitters, beat addictions, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, boost serotonin, deep relaxation, less cortisol, have more energy and much more.

Mental benefits

Neurogenesis, boost learning ability, quiet mind chatter, fight or flight response, improve focus and concentration, improve memory, positive mind-set, more motivation, optimism, better sports performance, overcome depression, better judgement, mental balance and much more.

Emotional benefits

Control anger, reduce anxiety, stress less, more success, mental clarity, emotional intelligence, overcome shyness, happiness, reduce fear, feel calm, emotional stability, tolerance, productivity and much more.

And spiritual benefits

Positive energy, inner silence, spiritual awakening, higher consciousness, balance chakras, deepen awareness, connectedness, compassion, discover life purpose, peace of mind and much more too.

The classes will run for 1 hour and during each session we will learn mindfulness techniques, the art of meditation and practice many traditional methods of meditation and self hypnosis.

The first class will be for beginners. In the future I will be offering intermediate level and advanced level classes to enable people to become meditation leaders themselves, so maybe you can go on to run your own meditation groups and classes.

Each class is £5, there is no signing fee, and classes are pay as you come, just come by, and enjoy the session when you can.

Please bring with you a pillow and a blanket for additional comfort and relaxation.

Hope to see you developing a skillful mind at one of my classes soon.

Tuesday at 19-00 - 20-00 how to deepen your meditation practise.

Tuesday at 20-00 - 21-00 an introduction to mindfulness and meditation.

The Old Chapel, studio 2, 282 Skipton Road Harrogate, HG1 3HE