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Mindfulness for Children.

Mindfulness for kids is an introductory course that will run every Friday in May in Ripon Library, at 3-45 pm till 4-30.

Each week we will look briefly at different themes and incorporate a range of different, fun activities and exercises that can be taken away, practiced at home and applied to help develop a positive and meaningful life. The main themes covered over the four weeks will be:

Intention, learning about what it means to be mindful, the motivation to live in the present moment, and why that is helpful.

Attention, how to bring our attention back to focusing on a specific thought, feeling or action. We will cover how our attention tends to wander and how we can learn to bring it back to the present moment.

Attitude, it’s all about how we attend to something. The children will learn how to be non-reactive and how to recognise that a modification in attitude can be helpful to them and others.

Gratitude, learning to practice appreciation and be grateful for all the wonderful things in their lives. Becoming aware that when they are grateful, there isn’t room for negative feelings to reside in their minds.

Resilience, How to handle difficult situations and manage emotions. They will learn to be with their difficulties and use simple strategies to take steps towards mindful problem solving.

Kindness to self, feeling and cultivating positive feelings about themselves.

Kindness to others, being a good friend, cultivating kind actions towards others and sharing some of the techniques they have learned.

Finally they will gain a sense of achievement, being proud of themselves and all they have achieved in this course and in their lives. Thinking about how they can continue to use mindfulness to help themselves in the future.

There are innumerable benefits to practicing mindfulness. A growing body of scientific research shows its positive effects on mental health and well-being. Practicing mindfulness has been shown to improve attention and reduce stress as well as increase one's ability to regulate emotions and feel compassion and empathy. Mindfulness also is widely considered an effective treatment for adults, children, and adolescents with aggression, ADHD, or mental health problems such as anxiety.

You will need to book in advance online at and go to ‘bookings’ ‘group events’ and select the mindfulness for kids course. An email conformation will then be sent. You could also email me at or call me on 07958578464 and I will book your children in. Parents are welcome to attend with the children for the first session only. Adult classes are also available.

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