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Essential oils of the Bible

Essential oils are referenced in 36 of the 39 books of the Old Testament and in 10 of the 27 books of the New Testament. They are mentioned more than 500 times in the Bible.

Essential oils have been used throughout the ages, Egyptians Knew what they were doing when they used essential oils for medicine, religious ceremonies, beauty treatments and in food.

Frankincense, one of my favourite oils, along with myrrh were gifts given by the wise men.

Frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh and cinnamon were considered very valuable cargo along caravan and trade routes and were often valued more than gold.

There were three main methods of use, internal, aromatic and topical.

Essential oils were taken internally that means they were drank. This can be done to day as long as the oils are certified pure therapeutic grade. You can take the oil directly into the mouth, or in a veggie capsule or in water. I personally love Lime and Lemon essential oils. I just use 1 drop in a tall glass of sparking water. It is so refreshing and really good for you.

Aromatic means, essential oils are diffused or inhaled. The benefits of aromatic methods are that; the oils cleanse the air, killing bugs that might be airborne. They open your airways especially good if you have a cold or flu. They also affect your mood either uplifting or calming, stimulating, perhaps if you need to study and focus or Just for relaxation.

Topical use means applying to your skin. There are many references to foot washing in the Bible. The feet are one of the best places to apply oils. Here oils can enter the circulatory

system within 30 seconds. You can also apply to the localized area or blend with a carrier oil and massage into the skin.

Historically Frankincense was a holy or spiritual oil and was worth more than gold. It is still a very important oil in the middle east today. It was given to Jesus at his birth. As an ingredient in holy incense, it was used during sacrificial ceremonies to help with communication with the creator.

Myrrh, also a gift brought to Jesus by the Magi, and was used as incense in religious rituals. It was typically used in the process embalming as the antiseptic and antifungal properties of the oil would be beneficial. It too was given as a gift to the baby Jesus its significance it could be said was connected with the impending death that was to come. It has been used over the years for the treatment of leprosy and syphilis and mixed with honey and coriander was used to treat herpes.

Oils frequently mentioned in the Bible.


  • Supports immune system

  • Promotes cellular health

  • Promotes normal inflammatory responses

  • Reduces appearance of scars

  • Rejuvenates skin

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines

  • Emotionally uplifting

  • When in doubt use frankincense


  • Powerfully cleansing properties

  • Promotes healthy mouth and throat

  • Soothes the skin

  • Promotes youthful looking complexion

  • Promotes emotional balance and well-being

  • It is a liquid bandage


  • Known or it calming and relaxing properties

  • Soothes occasional skin irritations

  • Helps skin to recover quickly

  • Eases muscle tension

  • Promotes whole body relaxation

  • Supports seasonal discomforts

  • Helps with anxious feelings and nerves

  • Reduces stress and emotional tension

  • Aids good quality sleep


  • Reduces appearance of scars

  • Promotes health smooth skin

  • Enhances mood

  • Supports healthy urinary function

  • Grounding and uplifting properties

  • Frequently used in meditation

  • Popular body fragrance


  • Soothes tight tense muscles

  • Supports localized blood flow

  • Strengthens circulatory system

  • Supports white cell production

  • Enhances immune support

  • Beneficial for oily skin conditions


  • Supports immune function

  • Warming uplifting aroma (smells like Christmas)

  • Helps promote circulation

  • Helps soothe sore achy joints

  • Stimulates the endocrine system

Roman Chamomile

  • Lessons tension and calms emotions

  • Soothes the nervous system

  • Supports health immune system functions

  • Promotes a restful night’s sleep and deep relaxation.

  • Has a calming effect on skin

  • Widely used for its calming properties

If you have any questions on essential oils, therapies, treatments or if you are interested in attending any classes on essential oils, please get in touch or check out my website or Facebook page, Amanda Joy Essentials.


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