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McLoughlin Scar Tissue one day course.

MSTR One Day Practitioner Class The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique ® (MSTR®) is an amazing advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and is changing people’s lives. This one day class is provided for healthcare professionals who wish to add this unique treatment.
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McLoughlin Scar Tissue one day course.

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15 Dec 2019, 10:00 – 18:00
HG3 2LN, Harrogate HG3 2LN, UK

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Training will take place on the 15th of December at  





 MSTR® has been described as a “giant leap forward" in the treatment of scar tissue. Why? Due to speedy responses and the innovative method of delivery. Time after time students of MSTR® are astounded to see and feel the often instant and rapid changes in their own scars as well as their class-mates and then later their clients. History MSTR® was developed over 10 years ago by bodywork professional Alastair McLoughlin. His scar tissue work was just one of many innovative techniques he designed, used and refined over a period of nearly 40 years in his UK clinic. He has constantly revised his scar technique over the last decade. The result of that redesigning and reengineering is a technique that creates changes in scar tissue like you never witnessed before. MSTR® is the indispensable soft-tissue technique that some healthcare professionals have called the missing link in the bodywork chain 

 Why Learn? 

Researchers Karel Lewit MD and Sarka Olsanska in their published paper entitled: concluded that… “The treatment of active scars can be of importance in a great number of cases; untreated, active scars are an important cause of therapeutic failure. Treatment also widens the scope of  manipulative therapy.” This research gives us a glimpse into an area that is largely ignored in the education program that many bodyworkers undertake - that of scar tissue treatment. In fact, that is precisely why Alastair McLoughlin designed this work. He knew that scars exerted an inhibitory effect upon the bio-mechanics of the human frame. This is largely due to the way the fascia is distorted and restricted because of the formation of scar tissue. The densely packed collage creates a ‘fracture’ in the seamless fabric of the skin and compromises the elasticity of the skin and underlying tissue membranes. When we understand the interconnectedness of the human body the treatment of all scar tissue becomes essential to the therapeutic outcome. No longer can we ignore the effect that scar tissue exerts in both the physical but also energetic pathways.  

Energy pathways For thousands of years the underpinning teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has focussed upon the energy pathways that deliver Qi (Chi) throughout the body systems using a network called Meridians. It cannot be too difficult to contemplate that, just like nerves and blood vessels that get severed during surgery or trauma, these pathways also get interrupted. Patients often feel a “re-connection” of their own body as MSTR® work is carefully applied. This can be quite common with Caesarean section scars and trauma wound scars for example. One of the most dramatic changes that can occur is with a client’s… Psychological and emotional Profile Every scar is considered to be a trauma to the body. The delicate structure of the skin that helps protect us is compromised. The body seeks to heal the wound by forming scar tissue. But the events that surround the moments that created the scar is often the factor in how people react to their own scars - whether it be a surgery or accidental trauma. Often people dislike their scars. They won’t look at them or touch them. They may be ashamed of the scar and seek to hide it. They may feel many emotions such as guilt, anger, despair, and depression. 

A scar is a visible reminder of the event that created it and some reactions to these events could even be categorized as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. MSTR® has created huge and life-changing shifts in the emotional and psychological well-being of clients. Isn’t that a good enough reason alone to want to learn this amazing work?

What We Offer Our One Day MSTR® classes are fun and interesting places to learn all about scars - but more than that… We offer the unique opportunity to learn precisely how to apply this remarkable technique in the classroom environment. As scar tissue never goes away most practitioners attending our classes have their very own scars to work on! Without exception, all attendees are highly impressed with the responses with MSTR® and can’t wait to get back to their clinics to use their newly-found skills. Classes are eight hours in duration and you will receive a training manual too. You’ll be presented with a Certificate of Attendance and encouraged to complete the MSTR® course by taking our online test and then submit five case studies for evaluation by your instructor.  Once you have completed your MSTR® coursework you will be awarded our Certificate of Competency, have free web-listing on our International Practitioner Directory and have access to free promotional material - including videos for your website and social media.  

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