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Sun, Mar 15
The Westoe Crown Community Hub NE33 3PE
Seeking Spirit Retreat
Relax, rest, recharge and restore your energy. Nurture positive emotions rid tension and shake off stress, massage, movement, and meditation. Elevate your mood raise your self-esteem and leave feeling calm and confident. This retreat aims to nurture positive emotions and raise your self-worth.

Joy In Birthing Hypnobirthing

If you are reading this perhaps you are pregnant or maybe you know someone who is. Perhaps this is your first birth and you have no idea what to expect or maybe you’ve done all of this before. Maybe you feel blissfully calm about your up and coming labour or maybe you are a bit nervous or even quite fearful. Hypnobirthing is a combination of useful information that will help you understand the birthing process and empower you, self hypnosis and useful techniques. It will provide you with information about how to feel calm and birth with Joy and ease. It will show you how to feel in control and confident in your body’s ability, to do what it knows how to do and birth your baby, in whatever wa


46 Cheltnam Mount, Harrogate.

6 Crofton Street, South Shields

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