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Sun, Mar 15
The Westoe Crown Community Hub NE33 3PE
Seeking Spirit Retreat
Relax, rest, recharge and restore your energy. Nurture positive emotions rid tension and shake off stress, massage, movement, and meditation. Elevate your mood raise your self-esteem and leave feeling calm and confident. This retreat aims to nurture positive emotions and raise your self-worth.

Amanda Joy and Fibromyalgia Massage

I started working with people who have pain over 20 years ago. I worked for the NHS in North Yorkshire.  Many of the patients I looked after had difficulties with pain and fatigue. I cared for people who were paralysed from the neck down, had lost limbs or had neurological conditions.  Many of my patients experienced neurological pain, pain that is not well understood.  As most of my patients were paralysed, there were no connections through their spinal cords to enable pain signals to be transmitted.  Other people had no physical symptoms or conditions to explain the multiple painful symptoms that they were reporting. My patients reported feeling a variety of types of pain everything from b


I am Amanda Joy a Hypnoslimmer consultant, I am dedicated to helping you, at a cost that really is worth every penny, Invest in yourself today and put an end to obsessions with food and dieting. You really are worth it! All my Hypnoslimmer programs include: ● Free initial consultation ●Re-enforcement and confidence CD to listen to at home ●Hypnotic Mind-Gym CD ●Information pack The Hypnoslimmer one to one 4 week program is £250. This is the most popular option. It has the benefit of adapting the program to your individual needs. Hypnoslimmer House Party. Host gets it FREE £125 per person. This option is great if you can get a small group of friends together. I will come to your house on a we


46 Cheltnam Mount, Harrogate.

6 Crofton Street, South Shields

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